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Shaping the Future of EARNFI

EARNFI is the first of its kind in the #EarnFi sector where you can Earn Ethereum just from holding EARNFI tokens. All of which is 100% automatically deposited into your wallet.

Earn financial freedom from the first #EarnFi token! When you hold EARNFI you will automatically get ETH deposited directly into your wallet. There is no need to connect to a dApp, claim, or do anything at all! Completely hassle free passive income.

>> Features <<

Maximum Rewards with EARNFI Unique Mechanism

ETH Rewards

Grant yourself daily earnings with our distinctive EARNFI rewards system. Holding $EARNFI ensures continuous ETH returns

Effortless Earnings

Our EARNFI Rewards Mechanism is fully automated. No need to connect or claim your ETH rewards manually. Simply hold, spread the word, and enjoy the benefits of a lucrative EARNFI crypto reward without any hassle.

Optimize your Rewards

EARNFI operates with an 7% tax, with 5% directed back to holders in ETH rewards, and 2% allocated to the Project Wallet. The collected tax is automatically converted into ETH and distributed among holders, maximizing your overall rewards.

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Earn Ethereum just from holding $EARNFI tokens. Exclusively on the Base Chain Network

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